203GNL – Eaton MEM 200 Amp 415v TPN Switch Isolator W Solid Links

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Product Description

203GNL – Eaton MEM 200 Amp 415v TPN Switch Isolator W Solid Links

Eaton’s MEM series products have earned a worldwide reputation for reliable high quality switch and fusegear – and above all market leading status. Constantly updated and refined to comply with the very latest international standards, the market leading switchgear range, specialist heavy duty items and dedicated distribution and control equipment fulfils the diverse requirements of the contractor, specifier, OEM and distributor alike.

Glasgow fuse-switch-disconnectors and switch-disconnectors are supplied with fuselinks or switchlinks fitted. All units have retractable operating handles which drive overcentre mechanisms incorporating powerful operating springs.

MEM 203GNL 200 Amp 415v TPN Switch Isolator with Solid LinksThe operating ON/OFF Handle is retractive sliding back into the enclosure when not in useThese 3 links can be removed at any time and replaced with HRC fuses to change the Switch into Fused Switch switch fuse.