61/BM4030 – Crabtree Starbreaker miniature RCBO 40A B Curve

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Product Description

61/BM4030 40A Crabtree Starbreaker Miniature RCBO

A range of Starbreaker plug in, MCB sized RCBOs for use in domestic household premises and similar installations. Starbreaker miniature RCBOs bring higher levels of safety to an electrical installation and its users because they include switched neutral as standard and bring cost savings by reducing installation and testing times.

Manufacturer Crabtree
Brand Starbreaker
Poles 2 1P+N
Poles with Protection 1
Trip Characteristics Class C
RCD Type A
Surge Current Resistance 1kA
AC 240V
For Testing 195V
Voltage Frequency 50Hz
Tripping Residual Currency 30mA
  • Miniature RCBO for maximum wiring space
  • Saves time & money on testing, no need to disconnect circuit cables
  • Switched neutral built in as standard, fully isolates faults
  • Guarantees healthy circuits remain in service
  • Instant guaranteed plug in connections
  • Fully insulated busbar with permanent shields

Safer installations means safer homes Starbreaker Miniature RCBOs with switched neutral built in as standard will fully isolate a faulty or damaged circuit by disconnecting live and neutral conductors. Using Starbreaker Miniature RCBOs will guarantee that healthy circuits remain in service and that only a faulty circuit is switched off. This avoids danger and prevents inconvenience in the event of a fault (as required by regulation 314.1). Miniature RCBOs take up less space in the
consumer unit and so provide more wiring space for the installer, making the installation process easier and quicker. Starbreaker RCBOs go one step further, they have switched neutral built in as
standard, live and neutral conductors do not have to be disconnected for insulation resistance testing. This saves time and money, particularly for responsible landlords who regularly test installations during occupancy voids.