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Heat Mat Self-levelling Compound, produced by Mira, is a high quality fibre-reinforced self-levelling floor compound specifically designed for use with underfloor heating to provide a fast and efficient heat transfer.  It is ideal for use when electric underfloor heating is laid beneath carpets, Karndean, vinyl or bonded engineered board floors as it provides a safe base to install the floor on and provides an effective heat spread, ensuring no hot or cold spots.

Heat Mat Self-levelling Compound can be used in thicknesses of 5-50mm, (a minimum of 12mm is recommended with underfloor heating), and can accept floor coverings such as carpet, bonded wooden floors, vinyl and tiles including mosaics.

The compound chemically dries and can be walked on just three hours after being poured, and further surface treatment can be applied a further three hours later. This speedy drying time saves time and money on installation and ensures rooms are not out of use for sustained periods.

The compound is fast drying and further surface treatment can be applied in as little as six hours after being poured. 1.6kg of Self-levelling Compound gives a coverage of 1mm over 1 square metre. Mira primer should be used to prepare the subfloor surface prior to using Heat Mat Self-levelling Compound to ensure a strong key. One litre of Mira primer covers 5-10m2 depending on the porosity of the subfloor.

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