Many adults spend most of their time at work, in the office, but how can you make sure that this time is well spent and as productive as possible? Well, there are lots of ways you can enhance this that are inexpensive, easy to achieve and are long-lasting…

Depending on the purpose of your office; the design, layout etc. of your office should reflect this, for example a creative based business should focus on enhancing creativity, an analytical based company should look to provide a structured ‘focus inducing’ environment. Here are our top tips to suit both:

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Tricky Temperatures
Whether it’s too hot, or too cold can have a direct impact on the productivity of your teams and the quality of work that is produced. This is difficult to monitor in open office environments meaning multiple heating or air conditioning units, or multiple controls are needed. This is much easier to manage in segmented offices. This is also easier to manage in summer when you can simply open the windows. Winter is more difficult as you may need additional heaters, Panel Heaters or Underfloor Heating are best for larger spaces, whilst Wall Fan Heaters are best for smaller rooms.

Sitting in an office environment at a desk for long periods of time can be hugely affected if the furniture you are using and the seating you are sitting on are not adjusted, well made, sturdy and long lasting. Sitting in uncomfortable positions, at low quality furniture can deplete your motivation, posture, cause physical issues and result in decreased productivity.

let there be light!
Lighting is a huge factor when it comes to productivity. Ensuring you have as much natural light as possible is step one. Step two is high quality, long lasting lights, or task specific lights, for example desk lamps that can be adjusted. LED lighting works perfectly for offices as its long lasting, bright and is energy efficient.

Accessibility to Connectivity
Today’s offices are full of gadgets, computers and various technologies, which can mean wiring, cables, extension cords, and an electrical nightmare, which someone usually falls over. Wiring and Cable Management and increased opportunities for connectivity using their various gadgets can help save time and increase productivity, think about the number of Electrical Sockets you have and how you can increase these.
Creative, Relaxed Environments:

colour me creative
The effects of colours on the human psyche, mood and levels of productivity have been vastly studied. Broadly speaking, blues, greens and related colours inspire creativity as they relax the mind, whilst reds and oranges help focus the mind.

community is key
Communal working spaces or ‘open-plan’ offices have many benefits for creative environments. Open plan allows cross communication between teams, idea generation, debating and much more.

Calm Among the Storm
Supplying sufficient, creative and ample storage is a must to keep work productive whilst staying creative. Clever and smart storage such as fold-away units or built-in discreet shelving helps keep organisation amongst the creative.
Analytical, Structured Environments:

Be a Part of the Patrician
Enclosed office spaces can produce quality work just as much as open plan offices. Partitioned areas for quiet work and small team work, work perfectly for logical thinking.

black & white
Simple contrasting colours can help with focusing and the colour red has been know to boost evaluative propensities and analytical natures. Whilst more ‘serious’ colours replicate the ‘seriousness’ of the work to be done.
Overall an environment that is tailored to the purpose of the company, or department, produces the best results, from the general layout of a room to the colour scheme, the style of furniture used, and the lighting in each room, tweaking these aspects can have a substantial impact on your team.