Lawson MF100 100 Amp BS1361 House Service Fuse

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Product Description

Lawson MF100 100 Amp BS1361 House Service Fuse

400/415 Volt House Service Cut-Out Fuse-Links to BS1361 • IEC60269-3

  • Rated voltage: 415V a.c.
  • Fusing factor: not exceeding 1.5 (Class Q1)
  • Rated breaking capacity: 33kA at 0.3 p.f. (tested at 80 kA at 0.15 p.f.)

Lawson Type “ME” and “MF” fuse-links are for use in single or three-phase house service cut-outs or similar installations. The standardized BS1361 breaking capacity of these fuse-links is 33kA at 0.3p. f. However to cater for increasing fault levels all Lawson house service cut-out fuse-links have been ASTA tested to 80kA at 0.15 p.f.


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